July 4th Parade Information

Hello Cub Scout Families,

Parade starts at 10 AM.

Need to be in place by 9 AM. – Suggest arrival at 8:30 – 8:45

Enter the parade area from Goldenwest onto Orange. Parade spot numbers will be painted on the street. Class A uniforms required. Cubs and Tigers – hand held flags okay.

Cub Scouts – spot #115 – on PCH at 11th on the Ocean side of PCH (South side – Division 1) You may bring Pack Flag only. No signs, banners or Pack American Flag. Handheld flags are ok.

Tiger Float – spot #114 – on PCH between 8th and 10th on the Street side of PCH (North side – Float Formation) Parade ends at Main and Clay (near Garfield). All units should be at the end by 12:00 or 12:30. Because the Boy Scouts Garrison Flag unit is near the beginning of the parade they may be finished much earlier – around 11:30.

The Cub Scouts and Tiger Float are near the front of the parade this year. Tiger float will disband on Gothard Street just west of Main. The other units will disband on Main just south of Garfield. Please plan to pick up your Scouts when the entry reaches the disbanding area. It will be very crowded on Clay and you may have to park well east of Main Street. In the past I have advised not to try to park east of Main, but this year there are fewer streets closed to parking for the parade. However, the residents will probably be using this parking.

Please check-in with me upon arrival and departure from the parade.

In Scouting,

D.J. Clarke

Volunteer – Cubmaster

(714) 893-6348

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