Dues, Health and Medical Record Forms

Wolf, Bear & Webelos 1 & 2 Dens have dues due by the September Pack
Meeting. The dues is $50 & is payable to Pack 227.

All Tiger Dens & new scouts (new since Spring 2011) have paid their
dues for this year. All Tigers & new scouts will pay dues at this time
next year.

Health & Medical Record forms are also due at the Pack Meeting. All
Den Leaders should have parents turn in 2 copies, one is for you, the
Den Leader & the other will go to me, Dani the Pack Secretary. I will
keep this on file so that in case of an emergency all records are

You should have your records with you at all Den Meetings, Pack
Meetings, Go See It’s & any overnighters you are at.

The forms can be found on the Council website under “Resources” (top
red border), then on the right click on the Health & Safety Resources.
Parents need to fill out Parts A & B annually. Last time forms were
filled out were last year at this time for most of our scouts. This is
to protect, you the Den Leader & the scout.

Please make this easy on all of us & collect these before the Pack

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