How to get on Pack 227’s email list

You have to subscribe to the email list to receive pack emails.  There are 2 lists: the pack list, and the committee list.  To get on the pack list, go to and do a search for “hbpack227”.  From there, choose “Huntington Beach Cub Scout Pack227”  click “sign in to view this group“.  If you ave a Google account, sign in and request to join the group.  If you don’t have a Google account, you will need to create a new account under the sign in banner.  You can use an existing email to sign up or create a gmail  email account.  You will have to fill out all the info to create an account.

If have signed up for a committee or leadership position, you will want to join the “HB Pack 227 Committee” group as well.

We cannot sign you up. You have to sign up yourself.  If you would like to drop from the emails, please see the bottom of any pack sent email for that specific group.

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