Scout-O-rama Books are Here!

Our 2nd Annual Fund Raiser is here, please get your books from your den leaders and sign up with Tom Scully to sell outside of Ralph’s.
(1) Scouts should be in full uniform (ie. no Pack red activity shirt, not in baseball uniform, etc)
(2) When you pick up the books look through them so that you and your Scout have a better idea of what coupons are in them. The key one is the $5 off at Ralph’s (with a minimum $50 purchase). The books practically pay for themselves right off the bat.
(3) We accept cash or checks (made payable to Pack 227). Sorry, no credit cards.
(4) There are 2 doors at this particular Ralph’s so if there are 2 or more Scouts on a shift I suggest you split up. If you need more than 1 hour to sell your books and there are no additional Scouts arriving for their shift then continue to sell.
(5) When the Scout is selling suggest he say something like, “Good morning/afternoon. Would you like to buy a Scout-O-Rama book that contains coupons for Ralph’s and other stores? This is a fundraiser for Cub Scouts”. Most people are walking into the store so you don’t have a lot of time to catch their attention. If you have time mention the $5 off coupon as that is probably the best selling point. Regardless of whether people buy a book, have the Scout remain polite and say “Thank you”.
(6) If neither of these 2 dates are good for you then you are always free to sell these books at any Ralph’s whenever you want AS LONG AS ANOTHER BOY SCOUT TROOP OR CUB SCOUT PACK HAS NOT ALREADY RESERVED THAT TIME AND LOCATION.
(7) Hopefully each family will purchase 1 book. That only leaves 7 to sell to friends, family, neighbors …or at Ralphs !
(8) If anyone wants more than 8 books please let Tom know. There are prizes that Scouts can earn by selling between 10 – 450 books !
(9) Do not lose or misplace these books ! The Pack has to account for (and pay for) every single book so, unfortunately, if you lose any books you will have to pay for them.
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