2014 Popcorn Sales Begin in August! (Watch for the flyer in the mail)

Sometime in August you will be receiving a flyer in the mail from the popcorn supplier “Trail’s End”. PLEASE DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY! Pack 227 has two fundraisers every year: Scout-O-Rama Camp Cards in the Spring and Popcorn in the Fall. Raised funds go to Pack 227 and the Orange County Council of the Boy Scouts of America. 

Click this link to download a copy of the popcorn flyer. As you can see it contains information on the various popcorn products for sale as well as an order form. Upon receipt of this flyer your Scout may begin to sell popcorn to family, friends and neighbors. Actually, there is nothing to prevent you from printing out scanned copy and begin selling popcorn now! You do not need to collect money until the popcorn is delivered (probably in November). Depending on the amount sold your Scout can earn various prizes.

More information on Popcorn sales, prizes, etc.  will be provided to you in the coming weeks and at the September 22nd Pack Meeting. For now, we just wanted to alert you that you will be receiving this flyer and can start selling.

If you have any questions please contact Rebecca Rodriguez or Tom Scully.

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