Popcorn 2014 – The Final Stretch

We have a few weeks left for popcorn sales and therefore we want to encourage you to keep working on your “take orders forms!” (door to door, family, friends, blitz days with your dens, etc.)
Some dates to remember:
October 20th – All “Take Order” Forms, Money and Prize Requests are due to your Den Leaders no later than this day (our next Pack Meeting).  On your take order forms, please write in your “show and sell” sales next to the online sales and total all your sales for your boy. You should have received a prize sheet in the mail with your order form.  Please indicate the Level and Prize number.  Please make a copy of this form for your records before you turn it in.
November 15th – Your “take order” Popcorn will be distributed to your Den Leaders on this day.  Please arrange with your den leader to pick up your popcorn.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Popcorn Kernel, Christie Nunan at (323) 304-1402 or christieathome@yahoo.com.  Thank you for all your hard work!
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