Scouting For Food (Nov. 7-8)

Den Leaders and parents, as a follow-up to our announcement at the last Pack meeting, this is a reminder that we will be participating “Scouting for Food” on Friday, Nov. 7 and Saturday, Nov. 8. Detailed information and sign ups can be found at this link: (The link to the signup is also on the right side of the website.)

Here are 10 things that should be emphasized:

  1. You can sign up for Friday or Saturday or both days.
  2. On Friday we start at 12 noon and go until around 4:00 pm. If you can’t be there at 12 noon – no problem ! Just get there when you can (but preferably before 3:00 pm).
  3. Similarly, on Saturday we start at 9:00 am and go until around 2:30 pm. If you can’t be there at 9:00 am – no problem ! Just get there when you can (but preferably before 1:30 pm).
  4. You do NOT need to knock on doors. On Friday Scouts place a flyer on the front door of a house and on Saturday Scouts collect food that has been left on the front porch. It’s easy !
  5. On Saturday we are in special need of drivers with a truck or SUV (to transport food as they accompany their group from a particular neighborhood to St. Bonaventure). You can indicate this when you sign up.
  6. Scouts should be in FULL uniform.
  7. Participating Cub Scouts will earn a patch paid for by the Pack (Parents of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts will reimburse the Pack for the cost of their patches).
  8. The Orange County Register will have a reporter and photographer doing a story on Pack 227’s participation with Scouting for Food! Therefore, we are hoping for a great turnout.
  9. Hopefully one reason why your son is a Cub Scout is to teach him service to others. This is the perfect way to instill that concept in your child.
  10. This is actually a fun and meaningful event – especially on Saturday when the Scouts see the bags and boxes of food piling up in the SBS parking lot.

If you have any questions, please call or email Robin Watson (Scouting for Food Chair)
Home (714)901-2707   Cell (949)636-3742   E-mail

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