This year’s Fall Overnighter: “Camp Battleship”

As most of you know each year Pack 227 holds a “Fall Overnighter.” This year we are pleased to announce that we have made reservations for an overnighter aboard the USS Iowa which is docked in the Port of Los Angeles on Saturday, November 7, 2015. We have chosen that day so as to hopefully promote maximum participation and not to conflict with other youth sporting events.

The organized youth overnight program will begin on Saturday, Nov. 7th at 5:00 pm and conclude on Sunday, Nov. 8th, at 9:00 am. Per the  Camp Program Guidebook, “Camp Battleship is fun! While aboard the Battleship Iowa, campers learn the daily routines of US Navy sailors including standing watch and eating in the mess decks. You’ll visit the ‘Zoo’ on the fo’c’sle, learn about signaling from the signal bridge and explore the basics of naval gunnery. The tour and other activities can be educational as well with the historical highlights of the ship being presented by specially trained camp guides. Campers will also use the Night Watch Checklist to track their ‘hunt’ for unique and interesting shipboard features and equipment”.

Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast are provided. Each person will be assigned a bunk within the Enlisted Crew’s Quarters. All members of our group will be sleeping in the same compartment. There are separate male and female bathrooms. Showers are not available.

The cost for “Camp Battleship” is $85 per person. The cost includes everything except parking which is $12. The USS Iowa is located at Pacific Battleship Center, 250 South Harbor Blvd, San Pedro, CA 90731.

We have made reservations for 50 people. At this point we would like to limit participation to Scouts and their parents. Depending on the level of interest we may open this up to siblings. Please note that any child attending must be at least 6 years old by Nov. 7th. Please look at your calendar and let me know if you are interested in attending. I will create a roster. If you get me a check (made payable to “Pack 227”) then you are guaranteed a spot. This summer checks can be mailed or dropped off at my house (4841 Curtis Circle, HB 92649). When you do so please make sure to include signed copies of the following. They are found in the Camp Program Guidebook which can be downloaded and printed from the following link

  1. Medical Condition Form (Page 14)
  2. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement (Page 15)
  3. Chaperone Agreement (Page 16)
  4. Standard Photo/Video Consent and release (Optional) (Page 17)
  5. Individual Car Identification (Page 18)

The Camp Program Guidebook should answer virtually every question you have. If, after reading the Camp Program Guidebook, you still have questions you can e-mail ( or call Tom at (714) 392-6698. Don’t let the slots fill up before you decide! This will be a memorable event!

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