Trout Fishing Event (Sunday, Dec. 6)

This year’s Trout fishing event will be on Sunday December 6th  at Santa Ana River Lakes.  (

The lake is open from 6 am to 4 pm. You can line up at the gates beginning the night before and wait till the 6:00 am opening to get the best spots. After 6:30 am or so the line dies down and you should be able to drive right in.

Santa Ana River Lakes (SARL) consists of three lakes – two small (Catfish Lake and Chris’s Pond) and one large lake. We will have a section of the shoreline reserved for our Pack but all lakes are open to all of us. SARL are silting ponds for water that eventually ends up in our taps. It is clean water allowing the lake to stock lots of big fish.

In addition to the two big lakes, there is Huckleberry Kids Pond, a “guaranteed to catch fish” in a “pay by the pound” pond. The Huckleberry area has fishing and many farm animals.

To get to the lake from HB, take the 22 East to the 55 North to the 91 West and take the first exit N Tustin Ave, turn right, then right again on East La Palma. You will see the lakes signs. Drive in to the booth and show your prepaid pass or buy a regular price pass for the day. Then you can drive around the lakes and park right next to the lake where you want to fish. As the event nears, more information on where we will be will be sent out.

The lake has a concession stand for food, drinks, and tackle. The lake has many outhouses and a nicer bathroom at the concession area. The outhouses are hit or miss on condition.

Recommend items to bring: rod holders, chairs, pop ups or umbrella, cooler with plenty of drinks and snacks for as long as you plan on being out, sunscreen, warm clothes depending on weather, head lamp for early morning darkness. You can fish two rods per person.

Fires on the shoreline are allowed if anyone is interested in helping organize a fire.

Andrew Deal will be begin collecting money at the October 19th Pack Meeting. The discount tickets prices are $19 adults (reg. $23), $9 kids (reg. $11). Please make checks payable to PACK 227 and write “fishing” in the notes. Cash is also fine. We need a minimum of 40 people, kids and adults.

Rental boats are available and Andrew is working on securing a pontoon to share throughout the day. You can also launch your own boat which must be clean and dry with 4 stroke motors per regulations. Float tubes are allowed.

There are certain techniques and skills that will help you catch fish at these lakes. The best tackle is ultra light, long sensitive rods with 2-4 pound test, 1/8 to ¼ ounce weights, Carolina keepers or swivels, number 16-20 treble hooks, # 6-8 mosquito small straight hooks. Fresh line, sharp hooks, clean hands are all important.

For fishing with treble hooks using power bait, fresh is important, a scent such as Bite On garlic or anise or Berkeley scent, and Hatchery Dust. Single hooks with Berkley mice tails or Berkley trout worms or similar mini jig/ plastics or live night crawlers (inflated) covered in scent. Bright colors, fresh baits, lots of scent helps a lot.

Andrew says when he fishes there he usually moves spots throughout the day if not getting bites. The fish cruise close to shore, sometimes you see them go by, they also go deep so it varies.

Fish cleaning stations are available at the lake

See some of the past stocking videos here, about the same time last year, example of the big fish they stock in the lake.

We need volunteers for two jobs that day. (Please let Andrew know if you can help.):

  1. Leaders from each rank to help identify some areas to satisfy requirements of their programs that we can incorporate into the day.
  2. Designated photographer

Please bring payment to the October 19th Pack meeting. Alternatively, you can mail or drop them off at Andrew Deal’s house (4701 Rapsody Drive, HB 92649). Tickets are also available at the gate. Please contact Andrew ((831) 331-5614) if you have any questions or need additional information.

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