Pay Pack Dues Online Via Venmo

Pack fees for the upcoming year will be $170 per Scout. This is the same amount as last year.

The fees are broken down as follows:

  • $72 BSA Membership Fee for youth members in Cub Scouts (Increase of $6 from last year)
  • $60 Orange County Council Program Fee for youth member in cub scouts
  • $12 Orange County Council Insurance Recovery Fee
  • $12 Boy’s Life Subscription (Note: only charged once per family)
  • $14 to Pack 227 to cover costs such as awards (a decrease of $6 from last year in order to offset the BSA membership fee increase)

$170 Total

If you have more than one Cub Scout then this total is reduced to $158 for the second scout (only need 1 subscription to Boy’s Life per family).

Beginning on August 1st, if you have a new Scout coming into the pack, there is a BSA National “one time $25 joining fee.” You can avoid this fee by registering your new Scout before August 1st. The deadline to register and pay for the 2021-2022 year is October 1st.

In an effort to streamline the recharter, we are offering an online payment option through Venmo. 

Returning dues for 1 Scout ($170.00)

Returning dues for 2 Scouts ($328)

Register a new scout. ($195)


Pack 227 Venmo Account Link

To pay by Venmo, use the “Scan QR Code” functionality in the Venmo app on your phone.

This is usually done by opening the camera app and pointing the camera at the QR code below. If that does not work please download the Venmo app or contact Tom Scully our  cubmaster.