Pay Pack Dues Online

Pack 227 annual dues this year is $80/scout per calendar year. This total is broken out as follows:

  • $33 Dues to National BSA
  • $12 Orange County Council Insurance Recovery Fee
  • $12 Boy’s Life Subscription (Note: only charged once per family)
  • $23 to Pack 227 to cover costs such as awards.

Starting this year, in an effort to streamline the recharter, we are offering an online payment option through Paypal. Paypal charges 3% + $0.30 per transaction, so to pay dues online the cost will be $82.62. To pay online, please click the button below and complete the transaction through Paypal.

Register 1 Scout ($82.70): Pay Now Button

Register 2 Scouts ($152.74): Pay Now Button

Register 3 Scouts($222.78): Pay Now Button